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"Shadows of the Past" was recorded and mixed at Tico-Tico Studio, Kemi, in October '91. Engineered by Ahti Kortelainen. "Journey to Pohjola" recorded and mixed north from here in March '92. Additional 3 bonus tracks from the "Journey To Pohjola" promo-tape. Remastered at DMS.

All music and lyrics by the Northernmost Killers of the Dead !

On their demos and first full-length Shadows of the Past, the band played death metal. On their second full-length North from Here, the band added progressive elements to their sound. After that, the band made a complete switch from death metal to gothic metal starting their third full-length Amok.

Sentenced split up in 2005, after a farewell album titled The Funeral Album and an extensive farewell tour. On October 1st, 2005, at their last gig, in their hometown of Oulu, Taneli Jarva joined the band to sing a few songs from North from Here, Amok, and Love and Death.