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Lord Belial’s “Rapture” is a Black Metal highlight for 2022 and beyond.

Lord Belial is a Swedish Black Metal band that was formed during the second wave of Black Metal in Europe in 1992. Their first album “Kiss the Goat” came out in 1995, somewhat late during the second-wave, but they had already released a couple of demos before.

During the years following their debut album Lord Belial has released 8 more studio albums and has been both active and on hold for some of these 30 years of existence. The sound of their albums has varied from more pure Black Metal to a more Death Metal influenced approach, but always had strong melodies as a trademark. Within the scene “Enter the Moonligh Gate”, “Unholy Crusade” and “Nocturnal Beast” are seen as absolute timeless classics...

Their last studio album dates back to 2008, being “The Black Curse”, after which Lord Belial remained active as a live band, but was put on hold in 2015. In 2020 Lord Belial decided to reform and in 2021 recorded “Rapture”, their 9th studio album and their most mature record to date, recorded by Andy LaRoque (of King Diamond/Death fame) in the Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden.