TEMPLE OF VOID The World That Was CD

RM 55.00

Format: CD
Origin: USA
Genre: Death / Doom Metal
Label: Shadow Kingdom

It was but the summer of 2017 when TEMPLE OF VOID unleashed upon the world their second album, Lords of Death, through SHADOW KINGDOM. Presciently titled, Lords of Death catapulted the Detroit quintet onto the radars of everyone in the underground and above - not for nothing, as this critically acclaimed second album saw TEMPLE OF VOID elevate the doom-death idiom most masterfully, even more so than their cult debut album, Of Terror and the Supernatural, which SHADOW KINGDOM reissued to a worldwide audience in 2015, two years after its initial release. But, like all masters, satisfaction is the death of desire, and hereby do TEMPLE OF VOID strive to eclipse their past (monumental) accomplishments with LP#3, The World That Was.