DIABOLIZER Khalkedonian Death LP BLACK

RM 115.00

Turkey may seem an unlikely land for Death Metal of supreme quality to hail from (at least for those who are not yet aware of its brooding underground scene), yet it is home to many of the finest acts of the genre historically and currently.

One of these heavyweights are DIABOLIZER whom have returned from the depths to follow their 2016 EP with a debut full length. Blisteringly heavy from the very onset with a ruthless set of tight guitar work, technical yet old school atop a mountainous array of blasting drum work with such ferocity that all temples will shake in the sonic fury of DIABOLIZER.

The rupturing vitriol of the vocals is equally daunting with the full band delivering such a precise and extreme example of Turkish Death Metal that happily lives up to the legacies of the scene, unsurprisingly as the whole band features in a plethora of other superb bands too.

This cavernous and punishing album punches in with a full 47 minutes of superior Death Metal artistry that conjures Lovecraftian visions with tormenting brutality and uncompromising quality that will severely injure all whom do not approach this monolith of creatively diverse and utterly obliterating music carefully.