MALIGNAMENT Hypocrisis Absolution CD

RM 60.00

 It was but the autumn of 2019 when MALIGNAMENT burst from the void with a shockingly developed debut demo. Although bearing just a couple tracks, the sheer songwriting prowess and furious, full-throttle execution proved that MALIGNAMENT was already a name worth reckoning in Finland's elite black metal scene.
However, if that demo was an all-too-swift taste of MALIGNAMENT's already-powerful potential, then Hypocrisis Absolution storms the gates with utter abandon. Just like its short-length predecessor, the duo's debut album no doubt bears some/many traits for which Finnish black metal is known/renown, but here do MALIGNAMENT maximize the muscularity they flexed on that demo whilst somehow becoming more atmospheric. And whereas so much Finnish black metal focuses on freezing fire, MALIGNAMENT's iteration is overtly triumphant and daresay warmer - molten, even, like a sword drawn forth from a forge. Elsewhere, the duo staunchly stick to their guns (or, rather, swords) and utilize their dizzying, mesmerizing melodicism to its fullest effect, poignantly pushing each of these eight songs into the halls of greatness, underpinned by a roiling 'n' robust soundfield that's somehow simultaneously ethereal. Above all, MALIGNAMENT wisely understand the fundamentals of black metal and reside there - and there alone - never varying in their dedication or sidestepping into diluting waters. Hypocrisis Absolution is stark proof of pure and proud traditionalism done with reverence and defiance.